As expected, Tim Kaine and the Democrats immediately attacked our nominee, Corey Stewart, as soon as he won the primary. Please fight the fake news attacks on Corey by pointing out the following information:

Corey represents and has consistently won in the second largest majority minority population localities in Virginia.

He has an extensive history of campaigning in historically black churches and other areas most politicians stay away from.

Corey is under fire for attacking the vicious street gang, MS-13. Northern Virginia is ground zero for MS-13, and I don’t believe I need to tell you how bad they are.

He is being railroaded by the left for fighting to protect Confederate monuments in the Commonwealth. Democrats would rather erase history.

The Democrats are just trying to distract voters from the fact that Tim Kaine is too embarassed to run on his own record. Tim Kaine is despicable. He is going to spend the next five months trying to convince Virginians that Corey Stewart – a man who has won his last four elections in deep blue Prince William County – wants them divided.

If Kaine doesn’t want Virginia divided, we invite him to stop talking about division and differences. But he won’t. He will play the race card and use identity politics to keep Virginians in neat little boxes and separate groups. It’s insulting. Democrats see individuals only as demographics. We’re better than that.

John “B.T.” March | Communications Director
Republican Party of Virginia