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Local News

County enacts new capital reserve savings policy – News Advance

Supervisors Approve Cell Tower on Former Supervisor Family Property in Elon – News Advance


2018 Election News

Despite requests, recount won’t be performed in House of Delegates firehouse primary – News Advance

Primary Election Results for the 24th District – WSET

Jimmy Ayers Asking For Recount in 24th District Race – WSET

Kaine’s First Attack of Corey Stewart


Local Republican News

The Brown Beacon

Speaker Cox cancels planned floor session, files status report with Eastern District Court

6th District Republican Committee News

Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) News



Ortiz: Hispanics Are Thriving in Trump’s Economy – The Western Journal

Press Release Following the Appeals Hearing in the 6th District –

Oregon Judge Rules in Favor of Transgender Students in Bathroom Case – The New York Times

Local Republican committee can’t donate funds to its nominee until legal troubles are over – News Leader



Happy Labor Day!  (Celebrating Labor Day with President Trump)

Grassroots Heartbeat Podcasts

Everyone is Smart Except Trump – The American Spectator

Does Diversity Really Unite Us? Citizenship and Immigration – Hillsdale College/Imprimis


President Trump News/Opinions

Good Points Via RNC Research



Majority Leader Gilbert Exposes Hypocritical Partisan Power Grab




Remember 9/11 (Is America Forgetting?!)




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