Bylaws for Amherst County Republican Committee


The name of this organization shall be the Amherst County Republican Committee hereinafter known as ACRC.


The ACRC shall fulfill the duties required of unit committees in the “Plan of Organization of the Republican Party of Virginia.” In addition, it shall promote the principles of the Virginia Republican Creed, encourage and help elect Republican candidates to public office, inform and assist elected Republican officials and hold them accountable in the execution of their duties.


1. Those elected under Article IV, 2.

2. All county residents elected to public office as Republican candidates shall be Additional Members of the ACRC through the end of the organizational year in which they leave office. Additional members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of membership but shall be excused from Article IV section 4.

3. Each of the eleven (11) voting precincts in the county will be allotted one (1) member for each sixty-five (65) votes cast for the Republican candidate for president in that precinct in the last presidential election.

4. Forty (40) additional at large members may be elected to the ACRC.

5. All members must be registered voters of Amherst County.

6. The Qualifications specified in Article I, Section A. of the “Plan of Organization of the Republican Party of Virginia” shall apply to membership in the ACRC.


1. All persons desiring to be elected to memberships in the ACRC must pre-file with the Secretary of the ACRC their intention to do so at least seven (7) days prior to the convening of the Mass Meeting specified in Article VI, Section B, 1 of the Plan of Organization of the Republican Party of Virginia.

2. This Mass Meeting shall elect a Chairperson and all qualified, duly pre-filed candidates as members of the ACRC and as delegates to the Republican State and Sixth District Conventions.

3. Vacancies in the allotted membership may be filled by a majority vote of the ACRC members present at any regular meeting.

4. All members shall retain their membership only upon payment of the annual $15.00 dues at the mass meeting or, in a year in which no mass meeting is held, at the first meeting in April unless a confidential statement of hardship is submitted to the Treasurer.

5. Members automatically lose their membership if they are absent five (5) consecutive meetings without representation by a person holding a proxy or a written excuse acceptable to the Executive Committee.

6. No person shall hold more than one proxy per meeting and no person may cast more than one vote on any issue.


1. At its first meeting after its election, the ACRC shall elect the following officers: Vice-Chairperson for Elections, Vice-Chairperson for Membership, Secretary, Treasurer, Finance Director and Communications Director all of whom shall be dues paying members.

2. The Executive Committee shall consist of the following: County Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson for Elections, Vice-Chairperson for Membership, Secretary, Treasurer, Finance Director, Communications Director and the immediate past County Chairperson.

3. Duties of the County Chairperson in addition to those specified in the Party Plan are as follows:

a. Be the only official spokesperson for the ACRC.

b. Preside at Executive Committee meetings and ACRC meetings.

c. Authorize expenditures of up to $200.00 monthly without the prior approval of the ACRC or Executive Committee.

d. Call for reports as required.

e. Issue calls for meetings of the ACRC including agenda.

f. Appoint a Sergeant-at-Arms at his or her discretion.

g. Be a member of the ACRC.

h. Faithfully execute all duties of the office of Chairperson in accordance with these bylaws and with the State Party Plan of the Republican Party of Virginia.

4. Duties of the Vice-Chairperson for Elections are as follows:

a. Implement Executive Committee directives pertaining to election campaigns.

b. Organize an effective door-to-door precinct organization.

c. Conduct voter registration drives.

d. Organize Election Day activities.

5. Duties of the Vice-Chairperson for Membership are as follows:

a. Increase ACRC membership.

b. Contact newly registered voters.

c. Organize a phone bank as directed by the Executive Committee.

d. Manage and staff the headquarters operation.

e. Perform the duties of the Chairperson in his/her absence or incapacity.

6. Duties of the Secretary are as follows:

a. Maintain accurate minutes of all official ACRC and Executive Committee Meetings.

b. Maintain and preserve a file for each year of all official correspondence of the ACRC, such as delegate certification, candidate filing, letters, etc.

c. Keep an accurate roll of attendance at ACRC and Executive Committee meetings.

d. Conduct such other correspondence as directed by the Chairperson and the ACRC.

e. Inform the Executive Committee of each member liable for removal for missing f ive (5) consecutive meetings.

f. Maintain accurate records of all prefilings for any Republican function or office.

7. Duties of the Treasurer are as follows:

a. Maintain accurate records of income and disbursements of the ACRC

b. Safeguard funds received by the ACRC and disburse them only upon order of the ACRC Chairperson or a vote of the Executive Committee or ACRC.

c. File any reports required by the State or Federal Election Laws.

d. Send a dues notice to all committee members who are not current.

e. Certify to the Executive Committee non-payment of dues by members.

f. Prepare financial reports as required by the Executive Committee.

g. Acknowledge each contribution with a thank you note.

h. Be the custodian of ACRC membership lists.

8. Duties of the Finance Director are as follows:

a. Initiate and supervise all fund raising activities of the ACRC as directed by the Executive Committee.

b. Prepare an initial budget for consideration by the Executive Committee.

c. Act as the Treasurer if the Treasurer is incapacitated.

9. Duties of the Communications Director are as follows:

a. Manage the ACRC’s web presence to include the following: website, Facebook, Twitter and other mass media accounts.

b. Advise the Executive Committee on technical issues.

10. Duties of the Executive Committee are as follows:

a. Approve all applications for appointment to or by any level of government or within the Republican Party at all levels with priority of consideration being given to party workers when warranted.

b. Submit a budget for the ACRC’s approval each May.

c. Authorize expenditures of up to $500 without prior approval of the ACRC. Authorize expenditures of up to $2,000 with the approval of three fourths of the Executive Committee’s actual current membership, provided it is not less than 5. (i.e. If current membership is 8 it will require 6 votes in the affirmative to make the expenditure, if 7 it will require 6 votes, if 6 it will require 5 votes, if 5 it will require 4 votes,) Also the Executive Committee must report the expenditure at the next meeting of the ACRC. At no time can this authorization exceed seventy percent of the ACRC balance without the consent of the membership.

d. Oversee the ACRC participation in all campaigns in which a candidate is nominated or endorsed.

e. Appoint individuals or committees for special events or projects.


1. All business of the County Committee shall be conducted in accordance with the “Plan of Organization of the Republican Party of Virginia” and these by-laws. In all other matters the most recent edition of “Roberts Rules of Order” shall govern.

2. Meetings shall be held at such times as the Chairperson shall designate, provided that the Chairperson sends notice by e-mail, provided that e-mail addresses are provided, to committee members not less than one week prior to stated meeting date.

3. For all regular business matters for which these bylaws do not otherwise provide, a quorum shall consist of not less than thirty percent of the current total membership of the Committee, present in person or by proxy.


  1. All persons desiring to be delegates to any convention elected by a mass meeting of the Amherst County Republican Party shall be required to pre-file with the Secretary of the County Committee their intention to do so at least seven (7) days before the mass meeting convenes.


1. These by-laws may be amended at any regular ACRC meeting by a three-fourths vote of members present, but not by less than a majority of its total membership, provided that the proposed amendment is noted in its entirety in the call to the meeting.

2. These by-laws and amendments shall become effective upon adoption.

Revised June 13, 2017