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2020 Mass Meeting Call

2020 Pre-Filing Form

Let’s Think About This…

House Republican Leadership Statement on Virginia Chamber of Commerce 2019 Legislative Report Card

JW Exposes More Anti-Trump Coup Cabal Docs, New Ethics Complaint against Ilhan Omar, & MORE!

Democrats’ energy tax scheme would raise electricity bills by 10 percent

Judicial Watch Tip Sheet – September 4, 2019

It Takes a Father, Not a Village – Doc Troxel

Illegal Aliens Take American Jobs

Famous Rock in Brazil

WATCH: ANTIFA Terrorist Attempts to Stab Marine Veteran During Last Weekend’s Portland Rampage – Big League Politics

319 Square Miles

The Truth about Nick Freitas and House District 30 – Doc Troxel

Founded by Geniuses, Run by Idiots – Anonymous

If Conservatives Want to Be Heard They Need to Speak Up – Doc Troxel

The Salty Sailor and the Fireman

A Little Girl Leaned into a Lion’s Cage…


Latest News

ICYMI: More Editorial Boards, Columnists Chide Dems for Jamestown Boycott

As The Crisis At Our Border Worsens, A Broad Consensus Has Formed That The Crisis Needs To Be Addressed

Statement of House Majority Leader Todd Gilbert on Democrat Boycott of 2019 Commemoration Events at Jamestown

Statement of House Speaker Kirk Cox on Virginia being named Best State for Business by CNBC

Lyin’ Joe Biden: Not a ‘hint of a scandal’ during Obama administration? Let’s look back! – GOPUSA

Weekly Update: Obama State At Center of Anti-Trump Coup Cabal – Judicial Watch

Three Amherst County residents qualify to run for two school board seats – Amherst New Era-Progress

On Watch: One America News Special Edition of ‘On Watch with Chris Farrell’ (VIDEO) – Judicial Watch

Good News!

Trump to China: The Party’s Over, Xi

Barr Takes Aim at Russian Hoax

*** The Mueller Report ***

The Western Journal – Latest News

Judicial Watch – Latest News

Banned for Telling the Truth

Time for Comey to Sweat.. – The Western Journal

2019 General Assembly Voting Records is up! Good news from State Police

Spying on Trump was Run out of Obama White House (VIDEO) – Judicial Watch

Public University Suspends Prof. for Advising Foreign Student to Learn English

The Red Flag of Tyranny

5 Good Points Via RNC Research

Police: 16-Year-Old Body Found Burned and Stabbed 100 Times, 5 MS-13 Members Arrested

51 by 51: The House Republican Agenda

Tom Fitton: The Nation Needs a Border Wall – Judicial Watch

Virginia Voters Say: Give the Money Back!


Local News

Keeping Peace at all Costs

ICYMI – Rob Bell: Fairfax Accusations Demand Hearings

Virginia Voters Say: Give the Money Back!

Herring: Virginia will contest Obamacare court ruling – WLNI

Ronnie Campbell Wins 24th District Special Election – WSET

Campbell Endorsed by the NRA

House Majority Leader Todd Gilbert calls on Attorney General Mark Herring to resign from office

House Majority Leader Todd Gilbert calls on Attorney General Mark Herring to resign from office

Monroe precinct moved after issues at former church location – News Advance

County enacts new capital reserve savings policy – News Advance

Supervisors Approve Cell Tower in Elon – News Advance


2018 Election News

Despite requests, recount won’t be performed in House of Delegates firehouse primary – News Advance

Primary Election Results for the 24th District – WSET

Jimmy Ayers Asking For Recount in 24th District Race – WSET

Kaine’s First Attack of Corey Stewart


Local Republican News

61,012,997 Unkept Promises: Virginia House Speaker Kirk Cox’s Pledge To Monique – The Republican Standard

The Brown Beacon

Speaker Cox cancels planned floor session, files status report with Eastern District Court

6th District Republican Committee News

Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) News



Ortiz: Hispanics Are Thriving in Trump’s Economy – The Western Journal

Press Release Following the Appeals Hearing in the 6th District –

Oregon Judge Rules in Favor of Transgender Students in Bathroom Case – The New York Times

Local Republican committee can’t donate funds to its nominee until legal troubles are over – News Leader



Freedom and Tradition Are Not Mutually Exclusive – Steve “Doc” Troxel (26JUL2019)

Ken Cuccinelli ERA Letter to General Assembly 6JAN2019

Tom Fitton: The Nation Needs a Border Wall – Judicial Watch

Happy Labor Day!  (Celebrating Labor Day with President Trump)

Grassroots Heartbeat Podcasts

Everyone is Smart Except Trump – The American Spectator

Does Diversity Really Unite Us? Citizenship and Immigration – Hillsdale College/Imprimis


President Trump News/Opinions

Good Points Via RNC Research



Majority Leader Gilbert Exposes Hypocritical Partisan Power Grab



Remember 9/11 (Is America Forgetting?!)

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