Our internal polls show that we’re winning this race.  


The Democrats thought they were going to walk away with this race, but Virginians, particularly black Virginians, are looking at things very differently.


We call what the Democrats do the “constant okey-doke” – they come around every four years promising to help the black community, but they disappear once the election is over.


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Democrats like Terry McAuliffe are gaslighting us when they say Critical Race Theory (CRT) doesn’t exist.


We know for a FACT that the State Board of Education brought CRT into Virginia Schools in 2015 – while Terry McAuliffe was Governor!


Our children need SCHOOL CHOICE.


They don’t need Critical Race Theory, they need critical READING theory, critical WRITING theory, and critical SCIENCE theory.


Democrats like Terry McAuliffe aren’t interested in governing – all they care about is sucking up to the liberal media. 


Virginians have figured them out, and black Virginians are particularly tired of their pandering.


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